Partnership Funding and Business Development Lead

Department: Fundraising
LOE: Full-time 
Location: Flexible; need to align to GMT time zone 
Reports to: Director of PR, Resource Mobilization and Partnerships

Role Overview:

The Partnership Funding and Business development Lead will be responsible for helping to develop and implement the organization’s partnership funding strategy and systems, including everything from pipeline development and donor engagement, to end-to-end grant management and compliance.

Responsibilities include: 
  • Under the leadership of the Director of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships to guide the development, execution and continuous improvement of the partnership funding strategy;
  • Using an innovative and proactive approach to business development, maintain a steady pipeline of funding opportunities and assist the Executive Director and Director of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships in developing strategic partnerships that ensure stable income growth and excellence in grant management;
  • Help with capacity building and to foster cross-functional collaboration across the organization, in order to access and increase partnership income;
  • Be a part of developing and embedding systems, policies, processes, and culture across Jusoor and within the team that are necessary to ensure that the organization works to the highest standards in partnership funding and grant management;
  • As a people manager, help develop a team and actively contribute to team and unit objectives through decision making and action on planning, budgeting, monitoring and reporting. 

Key Activities
  • Support the Director of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships with overall strategy development and implementation, particularly aligning fundraising objectives to program needs;
  • Work closely with the Director of Resource Mobilization and Partnerships to ensure operational and budget planning, management and reporting of resources assigned to the unit;
  • Participate in program design and development efforts to ensure high quality offerings with a strong match to organizational and donor objectives;
  • Strategic coordination of multiple stakeholders in proposal development processes (program experts, internal stakeholders, partners and donors);
  • Build strong relationships across all departments of the organization and with existing and new partners; 
  • Help foster a team culture that values collaboration, diversity, inclusion, openness, excellence and honesty within the department and cross functionally. 
Business Development and Management 
  • Cultivate relationships with key institutional donors (local, regional and international) and other stakeholders whose interests align to Jusoor’s program priorities;
  • Help lead and coordinate proposal development, including budgeting, in collaboration with program / technical teams;
  • Network both internally and externally to ensure relevant stakeholder participation and intelligence gathering in various fora associated with appropriate partnership donors;
  • Ensuring staff across the organization are aware of and regularly participating in events in a way that increases visibility of Jusoor and its programs, among donors and potential partners;
  • Collaborate with Jusoor’s communications team to ensure the organization’s communications activities appeal to donor interests, promote their investments and help to position Jusoor as a partner of choice;
  • Provide thought-leadership to the Executive Director and the Director of PR, Resource Mobilization and Partnerships on changing aid modalities and their implications;
  • Research and share trends and intelligence on partnership funding, and develop relationships that strategically position the organization to mobilize resources from new and existing donors.
  • Develop, manage and oversee appropriate systems and processes 
  • Be a part of developing core processes, guidance, policy, and compliance practices within the team and across the organization to access, scale up, and effectively manage partnership income;
  • Lead the development of system(s) to develop and implement standardized grant management practices supported by an online grant management system.
  • Provide strategic direction and leadership for the organization on grant & risk management and compliance 
  • Work closely with the Grants and Compliance Administrator (currently vacant) to lead and oversee risk management, program and finance engagement;
  • Provide quality assurance and guidance on reporting and general compliance, in line with organizational and donor requirements;
  • In collaboration with the Head of Finance and Director of PR, Resource Mobilization and Partnerships, help drive, develop and roll out comprehensive cost recovery across the organization;
  • Support the development of improved financial policies, guidelines and procedures in order to achieve high standards in management and compliance of partnership donor funding;
  • Oversee the development and implementation of the grant management manual;
  • Help guide the negotiation of strategic grants/contracts to ensure the organization signs up to contractual requirements that are not onerous, including proper cash flow, pre-financing plans and co- financing requirements and respond to donor requests for information;
  • Advise on the interpretation and application of donor rules, regulations, processes and procedures;
  • Collaborate with Finance, Audit, Legal and Jusoor’s network to support donor led audits for strategic grants/ contracts to minimise disallowed expenditure, including liaison with external auditors and negotiate contested findings where appropriate.                     
  • People Management, Financial Management and Departmental contributions 
  • Provide inductions to staff across the organization on partnership funding and grant management;
  • Developing, motivating and effectively managing team members from a distance;
Capacity Building and Knowledge Management 
  • Install capacity building and learning initiatives within the unit and ensure effective cross-functional collaboration to strengthen fundraising and grant management skills across the organization;
  • Person Specification Essential 
  • 5+ years of experience 
  • Excellent verbal and written communication with fluency in English, ability to inform and engage through written communication 
  • Relevant experience working in an international NGO or philanthropy environment with diverse workforce;
  • Experience in restricted funding streams across international markets;
  • Good connections, networks and linkages with donor agencies; experience managing partnership funding and teams of fundraising and grant management experts;
  • Demonstrable experience raising and managing at least 6 figure sums from restricted donors within non-profit organisations;
  • Substantial experience cultivating donor and stakeholder relationships;
  • Highly analytical skills with experience assessing fundraising performance across a broad range of fundraising methods;
  • Imaginative, entrepreneurial approach to driving change and achieving results;
  • Exceptional interpersonal, influencing and negotiation skills
  • Strong proposal writing and budget development skills;
  • Ability to manage and facilitate complex projects and processes;
  • Self-motivated and tenacious;
  • Ability to inspire, motivate and lead others positively, including from a distance;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural environment and demonstrate innovative practices;
  • Willingness to travel internationally as required;
  • Willingness to be on call for donor enquiries out of hours; 
  • A natural ability to multi-task and problem solve, able to prioritise workload based on strategic and tactical business priorities; able to deliver results consistently on-time. 

How to Apply: To apply for the post, please send a cover letter stating the skills and approach you would bring to the role, along with your CV/resume in English to and do let us know where you saw this exciting role. Incomplete applications will not be considered. 

The deadline for application is Sunday 30th January 2022