Azima: Determined to Learn

The closure of schools in early March 2020 due to the pandemic threatened to disrupt learning for hundreds of thousands of children in Lebanon, including over 1,000 Syrian refugee children who attend classes at Jusoor’s education centers. In response, Jusoor’s Refugee Education Program team developed an innovative WhatsApp-based online learning program– Azima: Determined to Learn– adapting our existing curriculum to bring it online in a way that was accessible and impactful for the students and their parents.

This is done through a three-pronged approach of online learning, take-home learning, and virtual psychosocial support. Through WhatsApp groups between the parents and the teachers, short instructional videos and activities were sent out regularly. Students then sent their own photos of homework and videos back to the teachers for feedback and corrections. This is complemented with offline learning packets enabling the students to continue learning from home where the internet is not available, and psychosocial support is provided through videos and in-person calls by Jusoor’s dedicated psychosocial counselor.
Jusoor’s Azima Program comes at a time when Lebanon is experiencing a surge in COVID-19 cases, and the future of formal schooling is uncertain. In this context, Jusoor is committed to providing an effective virtual learning experience to refugee children, to ensure that they are receiving the same quality of education as their national peers and that their academic and socio-emotional development does not deteriorate.



  • The program worked with over 900 of Jusoor’s students from March-December  2020 who access our non-formal education programs and support programs.
  • 58% of the children regularly participated in the Azima program and made significant progress during this time towards learning outcomes in math, Arabic and English. At our Beirut Centre, the average assessment scores over the 4 classes ranged from 70-91%, showing a high level of aptitude despite the challenges of learning from home.


Program Partners

Salam School, AFAQ, Malak School, Pioneer Center and Shanay School, Right To Play Lebanon


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