Bridging the Gap Program

There are an estimated 150,000 Syrians aged 15-18 in Lebanon; however, approximately only 6,000 (4%) are currently in school at the secondary level. One enormous barrier to their success is passing the Brevet exam at the end of year 9. While 85% of Lebanese youth pass this exam, less than 15% of Syrians living in Lebanon do.

Jusoor’s Brevet Bridging the Gap program works with in-school Syrian children and youth at the Intermediate school level to prepare them for the Lebanese Brevet Exam – a required exam needed to progress to the Secondary (High School) level in Lebanon. This course is split into two age groups (Pre-Brevet and Brevet), and provides intensive study and exam prep over a 6-month period focusing on Biology, Physics, Maths, Chemistry and English, and works with approximately 200 students each year.

School fee bursaries are provided to the youth who pass the Brevet, but who are unable to cover the full costs associated with enrolling in secondary school.  Vocational information sessions for the remaining youth will be provided to provide a clear pathway to employment through workshops involving vocational institutions and Jusoor partners.


Program Partners

Salam School, AFAQ, Malak School, Pioneer Center and Shanay School, Right To Play Lebanon


Program funding from:

LDS Charities



2019-2020 academic year
Worked with 182 students and 6 schools.
Double-digit performance growth in the subjects provided, with the most growth in the sciences offered through the Beirut Center. 


Barriers Facing Syrian Youth

We explored the barriers facing Syrian youth in Lebanon in reaching secondary and higher education, and what investments are needed to drastically increase their access.
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