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Mira Khaled

High School Scholarship Coordinator

My name is Mira Khaled and I am an award-winning MIT contestant in knowledge-economy and an entrepreneur passionate about the correlation of storytelling, technology, education, and design with the goal of solving challenges within the Educational sector. I am also a certified CELTA Instructor by Cambridge and IB MYP English teacher, an educational consultant, and a curriculum developer. I have a BA in English Language and Literature with a minor in Psychology focusing on Children with Special Needs, Environmental Psychology, Geriatric Psych, and many more. I received a Higher Education English Access Programme (HEEAP) Teacher Training Certificate by the British Council for the HOPES initiative to support in educating and upskilling unprivileged communities and refugees, while building a safe and inclusive environment. As an educational consultant and curriculum developer, for around 4 years, I've cofounded and helped develop proprietary curricula for a variety of age groups and deliver a full-program that prepares youth for the 21st century challenges with Bloom-Edu. In addition, I've assisted in facilitating a Creative Career program funded by UNICEF; training specific technical skills sets for under-privileged students around Lebanon from Tripoli to Bekaa. Finally, in the past year, I've conducted a Storytelling program. I developed a curriculum where students underwent a journey of conceptualizing and writing to finally produce a short story book after 4 months.